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New! Milli Vanilli

Vanilla cupcake sponge; vanilla buttercream frosting; coloured sugar sprinkles

£1.50 each

Merry Chocolate Orange

Chocolate cupcake sponge; orange flavoured butter cream, flaked dark chocolate on top

£1.50 each

Turkish Delightful

Chocolate cupcake sponge; rosewater flavoured butter cream (pink), flaked chocolate on top

£1.50 each

Almond Crunch

Vanilla sponge; almond butter cream, flaked toasted almonds

£1.50 each

Triple Chocolate High

Chocolate sponge; chocolate butter cream; topped with dark and white chocolate drops

£1.50 each

Mini Black Forest Gateau

Chocolate sponge; black cherry jam layer, whipped Chantilly cream; black cherries on top

£1.60 each

Mini Victoria Sponge

Vanilla Sponge, raspberry jam, whipped Chantilly cream, dusted with icing sugar

£1.60 each

Minimum order is 6 cupcakes of any one flavour.

A box of 6 cupcakes is £8.50

A box of 12 cupcakes £16.00

Delivery to SE3, SE4, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE18 is free of charge for orders of 6 cupcakes or more.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies (Large)

These all butter cookies are made with a generous spoonfull of golden syrup in each batch which makes them deliciously biscuity and a little bit chewy but VERY moreish. The dark and white chocolate chips add a subtle flavour.

10 cookies are presented in a useful reusable flip top jar with an air tight seal and pretty seasonally coloured cloth and gift tag, this is an ideal Christmas present, but if you really can’t wait till Christmas…noone will be complaining if you crack open the jar before!


Chocolate Chip Cookies (Small)

5 cookies presented in a smaller jar


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